Awareness campaigns


In order to implement her ideology and social concepts Dr. Saroj Bajaj presented many talks on AIR and Doordarshan and conducted many dramas in which the problems related to women and their miserable life and thought provoking reasons were depicted and discussed in detail. She has been instrumental in making tele-films, tv serials, documentary films too, that propagated her concept and philosophy. 



Associated with AIR (All India Radio) as an artist since 1972

Participated in several National TV interviews / debates and also featured in news papers viz. The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Hindi Milap, Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Swatantra Varta.



Produced four Tele films and several documentary films, which were selected by ‘Prasar Bharati’ for telecast on Doordarshan TV Channel. The Tele films are:

  1. Parampara (child marriage)
  2. Doshi kaun (child psychology)
  3. Insaf ki Dagar (problems of women)
  4. Divya – Serial – 13 episodes – based on novel written by Yashpal



  1. Rakt Daan Ka Mahatwa ( importance of blood donation )
  2. Gandhiji’s Dream ( awareness about leprosy )
  3. Awareness of Cancer
  4. Tourist places of Hyderabad
  5. Historical places of Hyderabad
  6. Vipassana (meditation) and its importance
  7. Importance of Gurukul Education
  8. Rights of Women
  9. The Dangers of Intoxicants
  10. The care of our eyes
  11. Rajasthani folk dances and music
  12. Rajasthani marriage songs
  13. Awareness of nutritious food
  14. Adult education
  15. Employment of women on the occasion of 8th International Women’s Day
  16. Patriotic Songs, Ghazals and Bhajans